I Step on Air

Flyer BGHRA International Conference 2018


BGHRA International Conference @ University of Toronto
Robert Gill Theatre

May 24, 2018
7.30 pm


Flyer THE BETWEEN Symposium 2018


THE BETWEEN Symposium @ New York University

April 14, 2018
2 pm


Through Gardens

Flyer Moving Archives 2018


Moving Archives @ CUNY, The Center for the Humanities
Martin E. Segal Theatre, Manhattan

March 28, 2018
6.30 pm


Artist-in-Residence at Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning

Flyer JCAL First Friday Series Queens 2018


February 2018


First Friday Series @ Jamaica Center for Arts & Learning, Queens

March 16, 2018
7.30 pm


FeelingJAZZ and Killjoy

BAAD program 2018


BAAD!ASS Women Festival @ Bronx Academy of Arts and Dance

March 9, 2018
7.30 pm


Through Gardens

Flyer NBNA Festival 2018


Performance Series Open House (PSOH) @ Center for Performance Research

February 27, 2018
8 pm


Through Gardens & feelingJAZZ

Flyer Black-Queer-Night 2018


Black Queer Night @ Theatre Dixonplace Manhattan

February 21, 2018
7.30 pm



Flyer Festival NBNA TriskelionArts 2018

Festival NBNA @ Triskelionarts
Muriel Schulman Theater Brooklyn

January 26, 2018
8 pm


Through Gardens

Flyer Colloque Cannes 2017


@ Espace Mimont, Cannes

December 9, 2017
9 am


Artist-in-Residence at Abrons

Flyer Residency Abrons Art Center 2017-18

 More Information

Oxana Chi is grateful to benefit from the
2017-2018 AIRspace Grant for Performing Artists

at Abrons Arts Center, Manhattan


Dancing Through Gardens (Film)

Cover Dancing Through Gardens

Salon Qi Festival
@ Cinema Bundesplatz Kino – Berlin

December 03, 2017
11 am


Through Gardens (Durch Gärten)

Flyer Salon Qi 2017


Event Sich Erinnern
@ Auditorium Grimm-Zentrum Humboldt University – Berlin

November 28, 2017
5-8 pm



Flyer 29th Annual CHEIKH ANTA DIOP International Conference


29th Annual CHEIKH ANTA DIOP International Conference – Philadelpia

October 20 - 21, 2017


Flyer movement research 2017


Season Opening Movement Research
at the Judson Church – New York

September 18, 2017
8 pm


Dancing Through Gardens

Flyer Themenraum Tanz AGB 2017


Exhibition Themenraum Tanz
in Cooperation with Tanz im August @ American Memorial Library – Berlin

July 25 - August 31, 2017


Neferet iti

Flyer Here and Black


Here and Black Festival @ FEMINISTische Geschichtswerkstatt – Freiburg

July 13, 2017
7 pm


Dancing Through Gardens (Film)

Program 8 May 2017

 Program brochure (page 24)

Event series In Memory of May 8, 1945 @ EW Building – University Osnabrück

June 1, 2017
6 pm



Flyer HAU Mai 2017

M(a)y sister @ HAU 3 – Berlin

May 3, 2017
8 pm


POSTER WOW 2017 MARCH-24-25-2017

Womyn Month @ Wow Theatre Cafe – New York

Mar 24-25, 2017
8 pm



International Gold Award Filmmaker of Inspiration - 2016
International Award of Recognition - 2016
Ambassador of World Peace - 2016

Oxana Chi is honored to receive the International Gold Award as a "Filmmaker of Inspiration" and together with Layla Zami the International Award of Recognition Winners for European Documentary.

Oxana Chi proudly receives the title of Ambassador of Word Peace for her outstanding dance_film_opus Dancing Through Gardens dedicated to the memory of the dancer Tatjana Barbakoff.

Filmfestival Documentary & Shorts International
Jakarta 2016




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